Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pants Un-Pooped: My Lil Wayne Story

So I don't know much about the guy, but I just finished my image of Lil Wayne. I chose him because there's been a lot of hype and pants-pooping about his music.

I checked out one of his videos—called Lollipop—and it's, uh, ridiculous. (All the critics' poo poo stains're for naught, I think.) He's bumping around Vegas talking about shorties with his fuzzy computer voice. I love how he says "hurrr" instead of hair, though. That's just fun.

The women are gorgeous, one thing's for sure! (Why don't women look like this anywhere else on TV? Instead it's bony she-waifs green from all their vomiting between takes.) I'd rather it just be Lil Wayne's babes, you know? And they could dance to Zapp and Roger's Computer Love.


Anyway, I think the picture turned out well. I like how he's some sort of hip hop messiah. It'll be 11" x 14" when I print it out.

Shorty wanna thug!

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