Monday, March 2, 2009

LJN Announces New DS Release—Michael Phelps' Toke Up and Dive!

It seems superstar gold medalist Michael Phelps is turning lemons into lemonade, as video game giant LJN has announced their latest title for the Nintendo DS—Michael Phelps' Toke Up and Dive! (And yes, the exclamation point is a part of the title.)

LJN secured a major deal in snapping up the rights to all things Phelps, striking an agreement for an undisclosed amount—but close sources suggest a deal of $6.5 million, which isn't exactly Kellog's money... but it's something.

An LJN spokesman said the company is excited about its new title and even plans various spin-off sequels—including Michael Phelps' Drag Race, Puff Puff Pass, and Secret Agent Phelps: Operation Cannabis.

Phelps' doting mother has yet to comment.

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