Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Ready!

What—you're expecting a picture of Hugo Chávez? (OK, OK, that one'll be done in a few days.) The truth is I'd been thinking about a Carrot Top portrait for a while, and I knew I wanted to pair him with some kind of little doppelgänger, but what kind? In my sketches I had a Howdy Doody type puppet, but then I went with a real flesh-and-blood child.

And y'know—and it hasn't happened yet—but on some interesting/curious day, he'll sire a precious befreckled baby Carrot. And what a day that'll be. (Hence the bizarre image.)

By the way, I actually really enjoy Carrot Top's comedy, and I very much disenjoy comedians giving him both razz and jazz on account of his "lame" prop humor. There's a lot of creativity in what he does, and I'm pretty sure he makes all the props himself. So bonus points, y'all.


Barbra said...

Awesomenesssssszzzzz! (So awesome it put me into a lull-ing state of meditation.)

Carrot top is quite the character - have you checked out his guns lately? They're effin HUGE! HUGE!

Owen Schumacher said...

Thanks a ton! Yeah, the guy's totally buff. I mean, he's giant with a red afro: How can you NOT make a picture about him?!