Friday, January 1, 2010

Goin' Global: A Bizarre, Kanye-Like Exposition

My many of many thanks to all the many cheer-spreaders regarding my occasionally charming art.

Swiss graphic designer Jonas Kamber of Looks Like Good Design—though verging on the coarse, given his looseness with four-letter adjectives—done well grooves on my pictorial loveliness. And perhaps deservedly so... If'n that's for me to decide. (I may or may not be writing this around New Year's, so forgive my tipsiness.)

Meanwhile, an enterprising young cat by the name of Jon Edwards—the one without a desperate 40-something baby mama—was entirely too kind in highlighting one of my portraits of the irrepressible Serge Gainsbourg. Hats off to you, brother! (He runs a wonderful site completely devoted to those who've drawn Serge's delightfully Franco-Hebraic punim.)

(And to those who've mentioned or featured my work whom I haven't yet thanked, rest assured: You rock a block and the neighborhood, too.) I must say, you've spread the love very well—as even the Georgions're on board! We're talkin' global, y'all.

What, what?!

Oh, and I'm very thankful to now be a part of the well-regarded art blog, Sugar Frosted Goodness. I appreciate it, Mr. Andrews!

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