Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi-5: One for the Elephants

2nd City Council Art Gallery presents: The Elephant In the Room
March 26, 2011, 5-10 PM, 435 Alamitos Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802
Come visit this one night-only group event with proceeds benefitting the Land For Elephants program at Elephantstay in Ayutthaya Thailand.

Written inside the frame:
I saw Bacchus once, outside the Aegean and beyond the brush of some Dravidian place. (How he got there I don't know.) I saw gold, turbans, and sex—pale bodies and dark bodies twisting and writhing in an orgiastic free-for-all. They huffed the fumes of an obscure smoke and gave themselves to madness.

And who was I to watch? And so I indulged my
yetzer hara, as the Jews might say, and it's to my demerit I permitted my flesh to enjoy such sights. This picture, then, is a monument and a reminder to never indulge in such a way again, G-d willing.