Friday, July 25, 2008

The Nazis: Still Ruining It for Everyone

Why did the Nazis have to commandeer the swastika? For thousands of years it was the Hindu symbol of universality and groundedness. In Eastern Europe it was commonly used on coats of arms among Medieval- and Gothic-age Slavs.

Now—for more than a half century—it represents evil.

And the biggest shame of all's that I think it's a beautiful design. When you look at Asian pictures or pottery with swastika designs, you're like, "Yeah! Swastikas are awesome!" And they are.

It's just those damn Nazis had to ruin it for everyone—1st. Jewish people, 2nd. the protectors and sympathisers of Jewish people, and 3rd. artists who really love the look of a swastika but can't ever use it for fear of sending the wrong message.

Screw you, Hitler!

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