Friday, July 17, 2009

A Candid Prelimpse: My Work in Progress

Have you ever wondered what one of my pictures looks like before it's mightily painted (in the digital sense)? Well, I'm deeply flattered—assuming you said yes. (If you didn't, I feel more sadness than anger, and I'd like a word with you in private. Especially if you're a girl.)

This one's of Modern Lover and all-round cool guy Jonathan Richman... on the Astral Plane. (Hey, he sang about it—not me.) First I penciled it in, then I got my ink on with some Micron drafting pens, and—though I haven't done it in this case—sometimes I'll fill in large areas with black gouache and come back into them with white line work. (I like to do this for people's hair.)

So then I scan the whole thing, clean it up, and put the ink on its own layer—"comic book style." I devote another layer to the dot patterns I'd like to see. Then, finally, I commit to a color palette and begin my wondrous painting adventure.

Stay tuned for the finished image!


Tyler said...

This reminds me of that Nerf Herder song they did about Jonathan Richman.

Haven't been by in a while... nice to see lots of your work and particularly enjoy seeing the process work.

Owen Schumacher said...

I'll have to look up that Nerf Herder song.

I just finished the painting, so I'm gonna post it pretty soon.

And thanks for checking things out. I just looked at your updates. Great stuff!

nickname said...

I did wonder. I am glad I know now. Now I can have a sweet dreams.

But seriously, that's really cool!