Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jonathan Richman (On the Astral Plane)

Voila! Apparently—and I'm not sure you knew this, but—the fabled Astral Plane is home to many a flying pyramid and Rosicrucian Cross. And I oughta know, 'cause I went there for research. Method, baby! (It was very twilighty. I'm glad I'm back. And yes, it was a long walk.)

So we got the full panoply of secret society visuals right here! This has everything to do with my (not so) subconscious desire to become a Freemason. I couldn't hack being a Rosicrucian or a part of Skull and Bones, though.

Anyway, Richman rocks, and maybe next time I'll catch him on the Astral Plane. I'm guessing he'll be behind some Tarot-card-looking moon. Just a guess!

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